Tailor-made solutions

Designing tailor-made solutions

Our mission is to be close to your needs and to offer adapted solutions from design to implementation:

Design & engineerig

Whatever your project may be, a dedicated E&T team supports you in order to meet all your requirements regarding :

  • HR expertise, assessment and personal development
  • Learning engineering expertise and use of development tools in programs
  • Psychometrics expertise and use of assessment tools
  • IT and data securing expertise

Customisation & tailor-made tools

From a “one-size-fits-all” approach to an Haute Couture offer, E&T will always find a solution which :

  • takes into account your requirements and obligations
  • takes into account your culture and context
  • respects high psychometric standards.

All our solutions are customized in order to deliver a unique solution perfectly relevant to your Human Capital Management.


 We support you anywhere, everywhere :

  • Psychometric tools are available in 48 languages.
  • We take into account your HRIS context when we design our solutions.
  • Applications are created in RWD.


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