Series of intellectual performance tests


Elements Verbal™, Elements Digital™ and Elements Logic™ tools are a series of dynamic and adapted intellectual performance tests. These tools are able to identify someone’s level in a very fine way and much faster than with a classic intellectual performance test. Whatever the person’s school level may be, the questions are adapted to his/her level which allows self-taught people to fully express their potential. Several comparative groups are available in order to adapt the requested level to the position.

Main characteristics

  • Measures of intellectual performance according to the position or the goal
  • Average duration:
           - Verbal: 12 minutes
           - Digital: 12 minutes
           - Logic: 9 minutes
  • Available in 40 languages


  • Recruitment
  • Mobility
  • Talent detection and ranking


  • Calibrates each position according to your needs
  • International
  • Open
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