Managerial and Social Diagnosis questionnaire


The DIAMS™ questionnaire is an online survey tool which allows to conduct an anonymous survey of an entire organisation on 4 themes: objective and subjective working conditions, the company's values, managerial practices and the perception of corporate governance. It provides global and local group results on each of these topics.

Main characteristics

  • Adjustable from 1 to 4 topics
  • Average duration: 15 to 30 minutes

Purpose :

  • Reconfiguration project: corporate re-organisation, merger
  • Audit of the company's values and culture
  • Social climate measurement
  • Managerial practices and communication measurement
  • Objectify the perceptions of all the company's members
  • Identify potential contentious risk zones
  • Change management preparation
  • Detect psycho-social risk factors

Our principles :

  • Respectful of people
  • Avoid biases
  • Our aim is to provide neutral, anonymous "statistical data".
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