FeedBack 360°

For the past 7 years, Entreprises & Talents has carried out an average of 1000 360° per year. And you too can benefit from such support for the set-up, implementation and exploitation of your Feeback 360° data.

Feedback 360° is used to interpret a manager's and colleagues' perceptions on how results are obtained.


Feedback 360° is a powerful development tool used both in an individual manner to support a manager and in a collective way to deal with change management or address training issues. We offer you our Feedback 360° COTS or customised tools according to your aims. This is what we can offer:



Ready-to-wear: choose the most appropriate skills in our catalogue

The Multiview tool was specially designed to cover the most frequent skills for managerial positions. As an individual or collective exercise, choose up to 24 skills to define at best the reality of managerial positions.


Custom: rely on our experts to adapt our products to your issue

Using our COTS, experts help you customise our tools so that they perfectly fit to your issue.  We also offer you support to exploit the collective data in order to answer your questions.

Using our COTS 

Haute couture: Your tool, your culture

"COTS are fine but we are unique so we want a 360° to be perfectly aligned with our values and culture."
Entreprises & Talents can help you build your custom 360° and offers you 7 years' experience in Feedback 360° implementation and management, whether in an individual or collective way.


Main characteristics

  • Measurement of manager's and colleagues' perceptions on how results are obtained.
  • Average duration: 15 to 30 minutes according to chosen options
  • Up to 30 languages available


  • Team support
  • Management development
  • Training
  • Change management
  • Individual support
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