Talent management

Talent Management solutions


How to identify, classify and orientate talents?

How to support and develop them in my company??

How to implement a development assessment?

Our tailor-made answer comprises the following elements:

  • We take into account your current talent management program if there is one.
  • If required, we put you in contact with someone expert of your development needs.
  • We identify strategic skills and development goals.
  • We select appropriate tools (FB360, tailor-made questionnaires).
  • We adapt the tools according to your development program.
  • We train HR managers and participants.
  • We implement a platform dedicated to your project.
  • We create a reference document (group of standards).


  • A tailor-made program adapted to each "talent category"
  • Balanced integration between evaluation and development program.
  • Follow-up of strategic skill development.
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